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8/ pointless gifs of jung daehyun: my little ray of sunshine ^v^
”Himchan your face

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Artist: Himchan, B.A.P, Ryeowook
Track: "140222 Himchan playing the guitar"

140222 Himchan playing the guitar + members singing + Ryeowook

So i bet this is already somewhere on the net but i made a version where i cut out all the talking except for the necessary parts there the guitar is still the end there is clappingthough  sry wasn’t able to fix that better (and i’m too sleepy rn to try some more ;A;)

Top 5 Favourite Male Idols: 4. Chen (Kim Jongdae)
I think this guy has a heart made of pure gold. He works hard to overcome the many challenges thrown at him and sets the bar higher to constantly improve himself - from dancing and singing, to speaking Chinese and many more. He is very manly, caring, and sometimes whiny, all of which are endearing! Because of how carefree and optimistic he always seems, he manages to cheer me up when times are tough. Thank you, Chen.

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sometimes people forget how nice and caring Youngjae is, just because he acts sassy!
"He helps the group all the time."
- B.A.P (x)

"It  might make you think of him as a sort of a cold person. But if you get to know him in person, Youngjae is very sensible and caring."
- Daehyun (x)

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Countdown to my favorite boy’s birthday: D-1

↳ He’s got the cutest, most precious laugh ever 


Youngjae: First Recording